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Success Story

Success Story

. Katrina Trading Company Ltd. was established in 2007 as one of the largest companies specialized in manufacture and sale cosmetics and body care. After first meeting of the Company Board of Directors held beginning of 2007, the Company Board was granted confidence to undertake business, executive and administrative management of the company. The Company's Management has initiated developing flexible and realistic plans and policies for the Company with a futurevision which contributed to the success of the Company.Themain objective was to have more than one brand; notably Katrina, Rita and Galaxy Dior. Then the Company launched its products in the local and regional markets.Thanks to the marketing plan and high quality of our products we could achieve quick and significant reputation within a very short period of time. Then the company started developing products series and expansion. Thanks to the good reputation of the company, we could obtain exclusive agencies of international companies, including KOSAN KOZMETIK (TURKEY) the owner of "FLORMAR" brand, TAN-ALIZE the owner of "FARMASI" brand and HUNKA, the leading Turkish company for perfumes, the owner of "SHE" brand, as well as a number of other companies.

“We always strive to make you as bright as the sun and as beautiful as the sky with our products you will find everything wonderful. You are a source of inspiration to us”

― Katrina

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Katrina Trading Co., Ltd is committed to providing the best products of cosmetics, body care and cosmetics accessories to meet the needs and requirements of  its customers continuously through continuous development and modernization of the quality system, with constant pursuit to develop its products and services by following the latest marketing techniques effectively to achieve the ambitions of the company's management and the wishes of its customers through:

- Focus on the customer and meet its requirements consistently.

- Set measurable objectives and compatible with the company's vision.

- Develop the performance characteristics of processes and products.

- The company also is well aware that the employees are its most valuable, and ensure that they are sufficient degree of awareness to fulfilling the requirements of the customers and their important role in achieving the goals and vision of the company.


To be a leading company in cosmetics and body care field locally and regionally.


Offer the best products of cosmetics, body care and cosmetic accessories and to meet the needs and expectations of customers constantly.

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